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Fungus Eliminator Reviews: Pure Health Fungus Eliminator Extreme.



Fungus Eliminator

Fungus Eliminator is a diet supplement offered via PureHealth Research. PureHealth Research claims that their product is able to reduce the growth of toenails. Fungus Eliminator is available on PureHealth Research’s website.

In this article, we’ll examine each ingredient in Fungus Eliminator based on published research studies to determine whether we believe the product will be effective. We’ll discuss the reasons we believe certain health claims that the company makes to be shaky and the reasons why they don’t publish dosages for ingredients is dangerous to customers.

Failure to Make Ingredient Dosages Easily Accessible

As of the date when this article was written, PureHealth Research does not disclose the dosage for any ingredient active within Fungus Eliminator on their product page. This is totally unacceptable and potentially harmful for consumers.

Potential buyers should be aware of what the dosage of each ingredient is, and doses that are published let users (and researchers such as us) to determine if the dosages of a supplement’s ingredients are secure. We call on PureHealth Research to publish dose information on their official site.

On their website’s website’s page for products the Supplement Facts label isn’t evidently listed. It’s only available in the FAQ section near the end on the webpage.

We believe this is an alarm and an indication of a poor quality brand of supplements.

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Fungus Eliminator Ingredient Review

The active ingredient that is the first substance of Fungus Eliminator is oregano with a dose that is in the amount of 300 milligrams (mg). It is a food herb that is available in the grocery stores. Although there is medical research published in the journal It is clear that the antifungal benefits of the essential oil of oregano we have not found any studies in the medical literature that suggest oregano, a raw herb, is effective.

The other element comes from leaves of basil. It is a different culinary herb. Like oregano, we have medical research showing that the essential oil of this plant can fight off fungi however, there is no evidence for the actual plant.

Most dietary supplements are made up of the extract version of the plant instead of the raw form, which implies that ethanol is utilized to make the active ingredients more concentrated in order to make sure that the product is more powerful. The majority of medical research conducted about herbal supplements makes use of herbal extracts.

The third ingredient garlic in a dose that is 100 milligrams. It is a potent antifungal ingredient, however we’d say this dosage is insufficient to make a difference. A medical review of the therapeutic benefits of garlic, researchers analyzed the results from 110 different clinical trials conducted on the subject. The lowest dose that was used for any one of the studies was 200 mg however, many studies used much more.

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To illustrate how small the dosages contained in this supplement are for comparison, this educational source provides the dosage of one tablespoon of dried oregano, which is around 1 Gram (g) that amounts to more than 1000 mg. That implies that one tablespoon of dried oregano contains more than 300% of the amount of the highest dosed active component of Fungus Eliminator.

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) can be present in the amount that is 100 milligrams. We have highlighted this in the article on apple cider vinegar review the therapeutic dosage minimum of ACV is approximately 15,000 mg, based on studies published in the medical literature. It is 150 times the amount of the supplement.

To keep it short We don’t think it’s necessary or useful to look over every other ingredient, considering how terribly underdosed the majority of ingredients in this supplement are. We observed the same pattern of active ingredients that are underdosed within the Liver Health Formula reviews article.

Fungus Eliminator has one of the most toxic supplement formulations we’ve tested in Illuminate Health, and given that the another supplements Liver Health Formula failed our review in a similar manner We would suggest that users stay clear of any PureHealth Research supplements.

Bold and Uncited Health Claims of Fungus Eliminator

When we wrote this article, we are unable to find one single reference to the Fungus Eliminator website that links to a medical research study however, the company boasts of health benefits including “helps you fight embarrassing and irritating toenail fungus” and “enhances immunity functions.”

Why should a consumer be able to believe in these claims with no evidence?

We usually advise consumers to stay clear of brands that claim to be health-conscious without any scientific evidence to support them. It’s a sign that a product is low-quality product and an unethical brand, according to us.

PureHealth Research also claims on the product’s page it claims that “ingredients in Fungus Eliminator have no reports of side effects,” which appears to be a lie.

A medical review of Wormwood One of the components of one of the ingredients in Fungus Eliminator formulation, has an entire section devoted to the adverse effects caused by this plant compound. The authors of the study state that: “The adverse side effects could include stomach cramps, vertigo, brain injury cramps nausea, vomiting, insomnia and restlessness, urinary retention as well as seizures and tremors. A variety of toxicology studies were conducted with thujone using experimental animals and found that it triggers dose-dependent toxic actions.”

We’re not saying that this ingredient in the dosage within Fungus Eliminator is likely to cause harm. We believe that it is not enough dosed to be able to recognize the adverse consequences. We believe that the claim of the manufacturer that it was not cited appears to be untrue.

Do Oral Antifungal Supplements Make Sense?

It’s not practical to use oral supplements for toe fungus. Instead, it is better to use topically applied products. Topical products work more effectively on the affected area.

We recommend that people suffering with persistent toenail fungus consult with a dermatologist or doctor prior to attempting treatment. However, in the case of those trying to tackle the issue at home using Tea tree oil (properly dilute) might be a solution to look into.

A medical review The article was published in the Mycoses Journalists examined the effectiveness of natural antifungal substances and found that in all the trials examined the tea tree oil proved effective against the fungus. We strongly suggest that those who are considering using tea tree oil to treat fungal infections , consult the doctor first, since the product must be dilute properly and could cause irritation and even harm to skin in the absence of diluted.

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Fungus Eliminator User Reviews

Fungus Eliminator has been reviewed more than 100 times. It had an average rating of 3.7/5 as at the time of writing this article which is a bit low.

Fungus Eliminator also gets a C score according to FakeSpot it is an algorithm used to is able to detect potential reviews that have been manipulated. This indicates that the company could have altered their ratings , and the real score might be much lower.

The most positive review for Fungus Eliminator from a verified customer was written by a user identified as “Nikki G” who claims that the product has cured their toenail fungus.

“Have been suffering from fungus on my big toenails for a long time. I’ve tried everything from vapor rubs and mouthwash soaks with listerene or vinegar soaks to other over-the-counter medications and tonics to apply to the toenails… none of them did the trick. I don’t want to be taking any prescription medication that means will require me to get my kidneys or liver examined every couple of months… I’m too busy to do this. I’ve been taking it for two weeks… It’s not yet solved, but there is there is a noticeable improvement. It’s worth the cost .”

The most prominent negative review by an authentic purchaser was written by a user whose name is “Steve Barbre” who claims the product did not work.

“Good ingredients but not string enough maybe”

Click here to read the dosage and instructions to use Fungus Eliminator for the best results.

Fungus Eliminator

Here’s our perspective on the advantages and disadvantages for this product:


  • Most likely to not cause harm
  • Less expensive when purchased in large quantities


  • There is no research referenced on the product page
  • Questionable efficacy
  • Ingredients are most likely to be overdosed
  • Uncited health claims
  • Manufacturers of low-quality

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We suggest avoiding Fungus Eliminator, as we do not believe it will perform any good at treatment of fungus that affects toenails. It does contain plants that have been proven in medical studies to be effective antifungals however, the method that was used in the research studies we could find was typically essential oils or plant extracts which were stronger than original herbs that is used to make Fungus Eliminator.

The ingredient with the highest dose found in Fungus Eliminator is equivalent to just a tiny teaspoon of the material.

Tea tree oil, we believe is an excellent alternative for topical nail fungus treatment. However, users must consult a physician or dermatologist prior to making use of it, as it has to be properly dilute. The tea tree oil price is less expensive that Fungus Eliminator, and there is evidence from medical research to support its effectiveness.

Reviews from users on Fungus Eliminator are relatively bad and the actual rating could be more negative when you consider that Fungus Eliminator is given the C score on Fakespot.

We advise against any product sold through PureHealth Research, which is the producer of Fungus Eliminator, because this firm also makes another product that we have reviewed in a negative manner with similar issues.

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